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By langley2000, Aug 12 2013 11:21AM

After a busy spring/summer period this year we are now already looking forward to 2014 with visits to trial grounds to select new varieties to offer you next year. We have started now our autumn range of cyclamen on the nursery now with pansies, violas , primroses following shortly. Thanks for you custom through this season and we look forward to offering you an increased range of quality plants for next year. Hopefully the photos of our visit to the trial grounds will give you an idea of the range of plants available for us to choose from.

By langley2000, Apr 11 2013 07:49PM

Summer for us is already in full swing as all bedding and basket plants are now transplanted into packs ready for sale. We never really recommend buying summer annuals until the start of May at the earliest unless you have a greenhouse in which to keep them protected from those last minute frosts we always get. Bearing in mind you really want to see these plants still looking good in august, september even for some varieties planting too early rarely brings any benefits. We have many new varieties for 2013 so please feel free to drop in and see whats coming on.

By langley2000, Feb 14 2013 10:34PM

Continuing with the potting of our new season stock of perennials today. Nice to see the sun shining and certainly felt the benefit in the greenhouse. Primroses looking great at the moment ideal for brightening up that doorstep pot that's looking sorry for its self!

By langley2000, Feb 6 2013 09:01PM

These ugly little things are actually some bare rooted perennials we have been planting today (6th Feb).

These are a new variety of Iris Germanica called 'Hemstiched' that will be 30"-36" tall, flowering blue and white with wide petals during May and June.

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